March News from Have It Framed

The latest News from Blackhall Framing Gallery

We are back at work after being snowed in for a few days, disruption may continue into the next week as we get back up to full manufacturing speed, keep up to date on   

We are constantly striving to provide the very best framing service we possibly can, we regularly replace our machinery to ensure we are framing to the very highest standards, with the best tools at our disposal.

We've just invested over £25k in the very latest precision mount cutting technology from Switzerland. This new machine will ensure our mounts continue to be cut to the same high standard as they have been since we purchased our previous machine in 2008. Technology has moved on a lot in the past 10 years, this upgrade will bring additional benefits for our customers :

These are some of the added benefits to our new machine :

  • Our "On The Spot" mount cutting service for small numbers of mounts to fit our readymade frames will be much quicker. (This machine cuts 40% faster than our old one) 
  • We can now efficiently do large batch runs for artists and photographers, who need a lot of mounts cut to the same size.
  • We can do many more fancy shapes that we couldn't do before. 
  • We can trace around complex artwork & needlework to create a mount that follows the edge of your picture.
  • We can now capture artist’s signatures and write them directly onto the mountboard, saving our artist customers from repeatedly signing each mount !
Contact us on 0131 343 6264  if you have a project that would benefit from our new machine 

You’ll be able to view it in store from the 22nd of March
Watch a similar model of our new machine in action

We Need to Close to Install & Train on The New Machine

It's a big task to install and train on our new computerised mount cutter, We'll need to be closed for two days to ensure that we are up to speed on how it is operated.

Here's what you need to know :

  • We'll be Closed on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st of March 2018
  • This date may change due to delayed delivery of our mount cutter from Switzerland
  • Our old machine is going to a new home with another framer before the new one arrives so we'll be temporarily unable to cut mounts on the spot for you from Friday the 16th of March.