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REDUCED Giovanni Damari Lost in the Woods, Argyll - Original Painting

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Lost in the Woods - Argyll - by GIovanni Damari -original painting.



The picture is a stretched canvas original painting signed by the artist


Image Size 400mm x 400mm
Depth - 20mm Approx

John Damari's earliest influences began in childhood with encouragement from his father and wider family members who were all interested and involved in art in its many forms both in Scotland and in his native Italy. His father in particular, was an accomplished artist and instilled the love of art in John from the age of seven.

John takes his influences from his love of nature and the outdoors – the ruggedness and majesty of the mountains and the calmness of the sea along the coastline of Western Scotland and its islands. The strength of character of the local people in the remote settings also encourages his passion for areas of mid Argyll, the Hebridean Islands and Northumberland.

John’s trademark use of the palette knife, combined with vibrant colours, captures the feeling and atmosphere of his subject matter and inspires reaction in his viewers.

John's vibrant use of oil and bright colour is his trademark in his work in fine art.

Hi!, We are a custom picture framer in Edinburgh called "Have it Framed", run by Mother & Son, Mary & Grahame, we've been framing since 1991. Up until very recently we had a very large offering of art in store, which we are slowly listing on the internet.
Honestly? After evaluating the business recently we've switched focus away from selling art and concentrating on what we do best - Picture Framing. 
As a result we have a lot of good quality art that is surplus to requirements. We just want rid of it.
This will be despatched via courier in appropriate packaging, we aim to despatch within 1-2 working days at the most.