Picture Framing

Every item brought in for picture framing is unique, as is the location it will be hanging in. We feel that your picture should be framed considerately for both your decor and the picture.

Our highly trained and professional picture framers will often ask you what soft furnishings and furniture you have in the room you intend to hang the item in. By asking these questions we are able to build a profile of the surroundings in which the item will be hung, and in turn we can help you make an informed decision on the best choice of frame, mount and glazing for your item.

All picture framing is carried out on site by us in our own workshop using the finest quality cutting edge professional framing equipment, which is renewed on a regular basis. We simply won't compromise on quality and aim to produce product of the highest standard.


We can frame watercolours of all shapes and size, we will frame them to suit your decor and taste, and in such a way that they are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

We recommend that watercolours are always framed with a mount and a UV blocking glazing option.

Prints & Photographs

We are able to frame your prints and photographs in various different ways, each offering a varied level of protection for the future. We will advise you which method is suitable for the particular item you require framed.

We can frame almost every type of print or photograph. Including but not limited to :

Engravings, Etchings, Woodcut, Lithographic Open Edition Prints, Lithographic Limited Edition Print, Giclee Prints, Photographic Prints, Enlargements, Digital Prints, Photographs & Prints on Canvas, Screen Prints. etc

Oils & Acrylics

We will happily frame your oil and acrylic paintings, regardless of whether they are pre-stretched, unstretched or on board or paper .

We can frame them with or without glass, to suit your taste and decor.

Perhaps you have an old oil or acrylic painting that needs a bit of restoration before it is reframed. We can give you details of a conservator, who will best advise you of the action required to ensure your picture looks as good as the day it was painted.

If you have a canvas that simply needs to be stretched over stretcher bars we also offer that service.

Fabric Art

Whether it is your favourite Needlepoint, or a cross / long stitch you have laboured over. We have the experience and ability to frame all of your fabric art items.

We will treat your items with care and frame them in a way they can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Please come in to find out more about our Fabric framing options.

Other Media

If you have something interesting or different and not covered in these categories, not to worry, we have framed thousands of different items of artwork over the years, and will be able to advise you on the best course of action for framing it.

Oversized Artwork & Large Item Framing Edinburgh

We always like a large challenge - Oversized Framing is one of those challenges.

Unlike some picture framers we won't shy away from a large picture, and enjoy the challenge in framing it!

We can source oversized glazing including laminated safety glass up to 160.5cm x 220.5cm & Bigger sheets of Acrylic. 

we can cut conservation and museum quality mounts up to and sometimes beyond 150cm x 100cm

Please contact us with your requirements, and we'll be able to advise you further.


Frame Choices

We have over 2000 different profiles of picture frame to choose from on our display wall, with access to well over 10,000 in catalogues allowing you to have the very best chance at picking a style that will both enhance and compliment your artwork.

We take great care in the quality of wood & aluminium we source for our picture frames. 

We do not use PLASTIC, MDF OR "BONANAZA WOOD" moulding profiles

This way you can be guaranteed every picture frame we make for you will be structurally sound, free of any imperfection and in turn last for future generations. 

Mount / Mat / Passepartout

Not just a bit of card, modern picture mountboard is something very special. We use Alphamat Artcare which is a special pollutant control board.

While there are plenty of mountboard out there that are designed to “do no harm” to your artwork Artcare is different by actively protecting your keepsakes against harmful substances and gases lurking in the environment.

Numerous different mounting options such as : V Grooves, Double Mounts, Triple Mounts, multiple apertures, mount slips, embossing and much more for you to choose from.

We use only the best computer controlled equipment to cut our mounts, ensuring a high quality cut every time.

For that item that requires purely museum quality framing and board we would recommend the use of Solid Core Museum Cotton Rag Mountboard.


We are committed to framing your artwork to last.

This is why we are pleased to offer high quality UV Filtering glazing options, as well as high quality Anti-Reflect (AR) options.

If safety is of paramount importance we can provide lightweight acrylic and safety laminated glazing.

If your artwork is important to you we can advise you the best type of glazing for your artwork.


Bespoke Sized Closed Corner and Ornate Frames

We are one of the few picture framers in Central Scotland offering bespoke sized Closed Corner and Ornate (Swept) Frames.

We rely on the expertise of a specialist company in England to provide us with our frames.

Each frame is made to order by skilled craftsman. This takes time, and usually means at least a 4 week lead time due to the vital drying period needed between each process.

As each frame is handcrafted, there will be a slight variation in finish. The individuality of each frame is a unique selling point as no two frames are ever identical. Samples and images should be used as a guide only.

Canvas Stretching Service Edinburgh


Do you have a painting on canvas that needs stretched back on to wooden bars?

We will professionally re-instate your canvas back on to premium quality Baltic pine stretcher bars.

For awkward or larger sizes we can also have custom sized bars created to the specification needed.

Once stretched onto bars you can simply hang your picture on the wall - or add a frame around it, it's your choice!


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