Sport Shirt Framing in Edinburgh

We've been framing sport shirts since 1991 read on to find out more about our sport shirt framing services

Every sport shirt brought in to us is different, there is no one size fits all sport shirt, much like there is no "one size fits all" framing option for sport shirts. We'll discuss with you how you'd like it framed, from there we'll be able to provide you with a quote to Have it Framed!

We use many different attachment methods to hold sport shirts in to the frame. We prefer to use LOW invasive methods such as sewing and tagging.

If you need a plaque or a title window for the shirt we can also arrange that.

Simple Presentation

Our Most Popular Framing Option.

The shirt is stretched loosely over an acid free former made of 3mm Foam Board, this is then stitched or tagged to a backing board of a complimentary or contrasting colour chosen by the customer. Plaques, Title Windows & Photos can be added to the backing board in windows or on top of the board.

The shirt is then spaced away from the glass using a wooden or foam centred spacer & a frame of the customers choosing is added around the whole package.

Framing an adult shirt in this fashion would cost around £250 for a basic frame without any additional photos or plaques.

Complex Presentation

Make your shirt sing, This presentation allows your shirt to look it's very best.

We've spaced the shirt away from the glass with a deep mount, and we can include other elements within the frame package such as tickets, souvenir match day booklets & photos in the top mount.

framing a shirt in this style could cost upward of £300 - £400 (perhaps more) depending on materials and complexity.

Double Sided Sport Shirt Frame

Showcase Both Sides !

We've now framed 3 sport shirts so both sides of the shirt are visible.

The shirt is suspended between two sheets of glass with an air gap between the front and back using a special method called Trampoline Mounting that we've perfected.

This is the most impressive way of framing a sport shirt if you have signatures or detail you want to see on both sides.

this is very time and labour intensive method of framing a sport shirt that requires some specialist materials. as a result customers should budget a minimum of £500 to frame something in this fashon.

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