Sustainability at Have it Framed

Here at Have it Framed we are passionate about reducing our impact on the world. 

At home Grahame has taken steps to reduce his carbon emissions by installing 5.65 kWp of Solar PV, a Home Battery & Air Source Heat Pump along with switching to an Electric Car for all transport (18000 Miles per Annum) 

Grahame's Solar PV install, 5.65kWp

Likewise we do the best we can to reduce our environmental impact in the business by sourcing our materials from suppliers who use sustainable sources and recycling all our waste.

Energy & Heating

Whilst we don't have our own solar generation on site (we want to when we have new premises), we phased out gas for heating our premises and hot water in the mid 2000s and switched to purely electric heating and hot water, this along with choosing an electricity supplier who provides 100% Renewable electricity ensure we are limiting our usage of fossil fuels.

Our Wood

Our model of only ordering wood as we need it ensures we aren't wasting this precious resource by ordering too much and storing it on the off chance that we might sell it!


There's nothing as protective as bubble wrap for certain frames, the bubblewrap we use in these cases is recycled from our suppliers deliveries to us. for everything else we use 100% recycled Paper Bubblewrap, which is like a squishy duvet for your framing work 


Wherever possible we want to use low carbon methods to deliver to you, if you are local we will happily deliver on our Electric Vehicle.  For orders sent via Courier we are offsetting our emissions via the Shopify Offset system, ( We acknowledge Offsetting is not ideal but until more couriers start to take the  climate challenge seriously  it's the best we can do)